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Keywords: energy storage technology Residential Energy Storage

Perfect slim design Blends in with your home appliances

Active detection to prevent failures and danger

Low noise<25db

Switching time<10ms

Slim Design Hang on the wall or stand alone

IP65 waterproof and dustproof

Low voltage compatibility

Long warranty 10 years

Remote control

ANGILE Technology

Safety first World famous cell supplier +ANGILE intelligent BMS.

High efficiency and smart PCS Hybrid energy complementary,High Efficiency, Bidirectional energy flow design.

Easy energy iKran cloud platform,remote monitor and control.

All in One Slim design Easy to install,cost saving,space saving.Looks just like a home appliance.

iKran ePowercube working modes

Sunny day, Low battery PV will charge the batteries, excessive energy would be fed into the grid

iKran ePowercube working modes

Cloudy , High Battery During cloudy days, iKran will provide power backup.

iKran ePowercube working modes

Cloudy, Low Battery Grid will power the house, while iKran will recharge the backup.

iKran ePowercube working modes

Grid failiure During power outage, iKran will instantly provide power within 10ms.

A+HV Specs

PV Power 4800Wp/6200Wp/6650Wp/8000Wp

Grid Frequency 50/60Hz

DC Voltage 360V

AC Current 17.2A/22A/23.9A/28.7A

Input Current(L1+L2) 12.5/12.5

Dimention 550*233*1125mm(5.12kWh AIO) /550*233*1750mm(10.24kWh AIO)

No. of MPP T/Strings per MPPT 2/1

Weight 68kg/115kg

AC Power 3600Va/4600Va /5000Va/6000Va

Warranty 10 years

Grid Voltage 220/230/240Vac

Certifications TUVRheinland,IEC,CE,UN38.3,VDE,MSDS,ISO

We are trust worthy and certified

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