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Optimize home energy be clean & smart

You can count on iKran ePowercube as we use latest and the safest technology. ANGILE smart Battery Management system (BMS) is integrated with ANGILE Power Conversation System (PCS).

The Battery Management System is loaded with Lithium cells that comes with an industry leading battery warranty coverage up-to 80% capacity after 10 years of daily cycling.

Maximum Solar Power Self-Consumption

The extra electricity generated from a home solar system is typically exported to the grid.However,most homes use a significant amount of electricity in the evening,after their solar systems stop producing for the day.With ANGILE iKran series ePowercube,the excess power will be stored and more clean energy can be used even when the sun is not shining.

Optimize Energy Value

iKran ePowercube is highly cost-effective and allows you to get the best return of your investment in solar PV.With solar plus storage,you have protection against rising costs from Time-of-Use(TOU)rates and can avoid buying power from the grid when the price is high.Solar cannot reduce the amount of demand from a house after the sun goes down without the help of energy storage.

Clean&Smart Backup Power

Backup power is a key benefit of iKran ePowercube.Solar systems cannot be used alone when the grid goes down.With our ePowercube,you can use your solar power when there is an outage,and the backup power will be recharged every day.With sustainable backup power,you rely less on the grid and have an eco-friendly alternative to a fossil fuel burning generator.

EV Charging

EV will be more and more popular,our plug-in hybrid vehicles are often charged at night,after solar systems have stoppped producing for the day.With iKran ePowercube,you can charge your car with self-produced clean energy at any time of the day or night.iKran ePowercube storage not only reduces your carbon footprint,but also helps to alleviate stress on the grid from EVs and overall reliance on fossil fuels.

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